Easter Dye Fun

Yesterday we dyed some Easter eggs. We followed the recipes we found online for dyes, and it was pretty straightforward. It was however a little smelly! The onion smelled like my high school photography room. What’s that about? Don’t follow their recipe too closely though – our onions boiled dry and how exactly are you supposed to sieve out tumeric?

Dyes, ready to go

Once the dyes were done, we put our hard boiled eggs in and left them for an hour or more. The orange and yellow worked fairly well, but the pink was barely visible.

The eggs

Then we had leftover dye, and the activity said it could be used for cloth, so in went some very dirty singlets. I am soaking them in salt water right now, so I’m yet to see how they will turn out. I’ll keep you posted.


Why a Geography of Motherhood?: an OT post

My oldest child was born during exam week. I went into labour just days after I handed my last assignment in. Being naive, I thought I would be able to do an external unit the semester after that. (Will the mothers please stop sniggering at me?)

Yes, naive, but stubborn so I went ahead. Although I didn’t have to go in to classes, eventually I had to make a trip into the library to collect a book. I loaded the bag with nappies and wipes and a change of clothes and all the other paraphernalia babies need. I looked up the exact location of the book, so all I had to do was walk in, get the book and go.

Now this little one didn’t really like the car, but he wasn’t too bad on the 4o minute trip there. We parked the car – miles away of course – and walked across campus to the library, my little bundle in his sling. (I’m naive, but not stupid. My uni was full of stairs.) Big bag over my shoulder into the library and up, I think five flights of stairs, to the section I needed.

I love university libraries. Not the closed reference section with its sleep deprived students and desperation, but the quiet shelves where the book smell can accumulate and the pages yellow gracefully in silence.

And that’s where we were when the little bundle decided he needed a feed RIGHT NOW! And he screamed. Being new to breastfeeding, and feeling a little shy, I didn’t know where to go, but I knew the screaming was more disturbing than anything else, and I wasn’t going to carry my screaming, kicking bundle down that many flights of stairs and go looking for the baby room. I jumped into an empty individual study room, shut the door, sat down and fed him. This was still early days so it involved a lot more than just popping him on but eventually the screaming stopped! He happily slurped away, noisy feeder that he was.

Then I heard a page turning. Looking around, I realised all study rooms were connected through an opening in the top of the wall, and I could clearly hear every turn of the page and shift in the seat – which meant that they could hear my little slurping boy, too. I’m pretty sure I blushed. Goodness only knows what they thought was going on.

But the little one saved the best for last, because that was when he decided to poo. I mean REALLY poo. Loudly, and in an exploding fashion. All over him. All over me. All down the leg of the chair, and yep, on the floor too.

That was when I realised universities were not set up for mothers.

Oh, and that wipes are really not much good for explosive poo.

Quick Easter Matching Game

Easter matching cards

These were a bit ‘spring-ish’, but just so cute. I printed the pictures from here, cut them, stuck them to card and laminated them, and now we have an Easter matching game. We can play card games with them as well.

After Easter, I’m going to gather all of this stuff into an Easter box (hmm must put that on the shopping list) and then next year, we will have a nice range of ‘new’ activities come Easter time. We can just keep adding to them each year, and pass on the things both boys have outgrown.

Children will be children

A few days ago, a friend was lovely enough to give us some books. (Thank you!) Well, as I was unpacking them A. got his hands on them, and was looking at all the pictures. He was really enjoying himself!

Should I be flattered or offended that he cried "Mummy!"?

Then of course, he reverted to child-mode.

No toy is as good as the container it came in, is it?

Our First Sci-Fri

I saw this name in a site aimed at adults but I just loved the name so much I had to steal it! I was planning to introduce Sci-Fri as part of my weekly routine, but today, I realised I had, and I wasn’t even trying!

Watching Owlcam. Everyone has grass on their desk, don't they?

We started out watching the owl cam. We were lucky enough to watch the tail end of one of the eggs hatching. The boys watched and coloured an owl and baby picture I found. Then we headed out to the museum, to look at the Paleontology exhibit that was on. The boys were fascinated by the microscope, I really want one of them. On the way back to the car, we collected leaves for some more autumn actives.

We are going to get some of our activities from this free online science curriculum. It meets most of the things I expect from a curriculum: it is hands-on and experiential, doesn’t dumb things down for children, and it covers a wide range of things. It should be easily translated to activities that can be independently repeated too. It does need adapting because it is grades based, but you can’t have everything for free.

More Nests!

C. really has a thing for owls so I was really excited to find this owl nest cam. There goes this month’s internet quota, LOL!

Our nest has chicks in it, but I can’t tell much more than that. I snapped this shot from the outside, and you can see how hidden it is, but I noticed a stressed-looking parent staring at me from the nearby lemon, so I left the area.

The nest, from the walkway of the garden. I can't believe it's so close to where we often walk.

An Explanation, and a Question

If you have visited me, you may have noticed the square of masking tape on my kitchen floor. Unlike a lot of stuff around my house, it isn’t actually something we inherited from the previous owners, but something I put there myself. I got the idea from Tim Seldin, whose book I like despite it’s title.

When my boys are sweeping, they can aim the sweepings into the square. They use their own child-sized broom (sawn off from a standard adult one) and then use the dustpan and broom. It works with C., but A. is still getting the hang of it. He just loves to chase the dustbunnies around the floor LOL! They also have their own duster, spray cleaner, and wipes. But they don’t have a squeeze mop. I know some places I can buy a child sized mop, but its international.  So here’s the question: Does anyone know where I can buy a child sized squeezy mop?

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