North America

It started with a lovely live webcam of a hummingbird on her nest. It just popped up in my computer threads, and I showed it to the boys. I told C. this hummingbird was in North America. After our recent trips, C. has been into places, and so he wanted to go looking for a map.

Montessori introduces children to Continents, and this seemed like a perfect way to do it. We have talked about Australia, but this is the first time we have talked about any other continent. So North America it is!

Our North American Animals

We trawled through our plastic animals. Hmm, pretty sorry collection there…

The printed materialNext the books... Okay, what about magazines... photos?

Next it was books. Ok, not so good… magazines? photos?

To the computer! C. has been interested in flags since Australia Day, so I found some North American flags: a small one from every N. American country and selected larger  Colouring Flags from a site I had used before. As suggested at one of the blogs I follow (but now can’t find) we printed them off at normal size for just colouring and 75% size to fit neatly on the end of a straw. These flags had a number code to show where to put each colour, and C. thought that was great. A. woke up at this point, and coloured his own flag.

Hard at work

Maps! I did print off a small map but the best were Megamaps. C. wanted to draw some pictures of the animals onto the little map. We are in the process of putting it together for our bulletin board. I’m not sure exactly what we will do with that, but I suspect it will involve sticking pictures of flags, animals and maybe landmarks onto it.

At this point, C. had been fairly focused for two or three hours (with a lunch break), and he’d had enough – out he went to play. But in the next few days, we will follow-up these activities. I am hoping to:

  • Make a continent folder. (I’ll cover this another time)
  • Find some more North American animals.
  • Look up some resources (both online and in the dungeon) to get some new ideas.
  • Possibly plan some excursions – the zoo springs to mind. Or maybe the museum?
  • Visit the library to get some books on the topic.

Is this Montessori? Natural learning? Themed? I’m not sure it even matters 😛 But it was a busy Sunday!


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