C. Anty’s Pretend Birthday Party – With Guest Photographer

The birthday cake - picture by C.

Yesterday we had “C. Anty’s pretend birthday party” a party for C. Ant for his “pretend birthday”. In our house we all have many “pretend” birthdays. The inspiration for this came from C., of course, but the idea for actually running with it was from The Creative Family. (Have a look around the blog while you are there.)

We made a very basic cake (I did, normally C. would help but this time there was a lot going on) Anty was turning 17, but we could only find 11 candles, so C. announced that it would be ok for Anty to be turning 11. (That’s Anty as in ant the insect by the way.) . Put in all the candles on the cake, then we lit them. A. loved the candles! We sang happy birthday, and Anty blew them out.

Then, of course, we all got to eat cake!


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