Magazine Collage

A.'s Work

C.’s work

I love collage! We have a collage centre now, that I’m planning on rotating fairly regularly. At the moment there is:

  • Magazines – second-hand or ones I’ve finished with, catalogues, travel agent’s mags, whatever. I’m trialing an online subscription for some free new titles – I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Scissors – normal, small (children’s, but good metal ones), safety (for A.) and fancy. I had to look really hard to find kids scissors that were easy to open, because the finger strength needed to open some of the kids scissors was too much for C.
  • Glue – good old Clag, and a glue stick.
  • Small container of paper scraps – mostly for A. who isn’t able to cut yet.
  • Scrapbooks and card for sticking the bits in/on.

Our Collage Station

With the right attitude, this can be a very relaxing – almost meditative – activity. Some of our favourite accompaniments are Beethoven’s string quartets, scented candles and a cup of tea.


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