An Explanation, and a Question

If you have visited me, you may have noticed the square of masking tape on my kitchen floor. Unlike a lot of stuff around my house, it isn’t actually something we inherited from the previous owners, but something I put there myself. I got the idea from Tim Seldin, whose book I like despite it’s title.

When my boys are sweeping, they can aim the sweepings into the square. They use their own child-sized broom (sawn off from a standard adult one) and then use the dustpan and broom. It works with C., but A. is still getting the hang of it. He just loves to chase the dustbunnies around the floor LOL! They also have their own duster, spray cleaner, and wipes. But they don’t have a squeeze mop. I know some places I can buy a child sized mop, but its international.  So here’s the question: Does anyone know where I can buy a child sized squeezy mop?


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  1. Jennifer
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 05:04:39


    Funny how many times you can look at a thing & not realise what you’re looking at- I knew it was there, but it never clicked.


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