Our First Sci-Fri

I saw this name in a site aimed at adults but I just loved the name so much I had to steal it! I was planning to introduce Sci-Fri as part of my weekly routine, but today, I realised I had, and I wasn’t even trying!

Watching Owlcam. Everyone has grass on their desk, don't they?

We started out watching the owl cam. We were lucky enough to watch the tail end of one of the eggs hatching. The boys watched and coloured an owl and baby picture I found. Then we headed out to the museum, to look at the Paleontology exhibit that was on. The boys were fascinated by the microscope, I really want one of them. On the way back to the car, we collected leaves for some more autumn actives.

We are going to get some of our activities from this free online science curriculum. It meets most of the things I expect from a curriculum: it is hands-on and experiential, doesn’t dumb things down for children, and it covers a wide range of things. It should be easily translated to activities that can be independently repeated too. It does need adapting because it is grades based, but you can’t have everything for free.


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