Choosing Curriculum for the Home

I found a great free e-book about how to choose your home education style. A little cut and dry for me, and a US educational slant but interesting nonetheless. Trouble is, they all sound good 🙂


Quick and Easy Counting Activity

I got this idea from a blog I read a while back, that I now can’t find, sorry! I wrote the numbers 0-10 on paper plates and asked LE to put the the plates out in a row, then to put the right number of dinosaurs on each plate. You could use anything you like:  Lego, pasta shapes, sultanas etc

All in a row

Great Maths Presentation

This presentation popped up about mathematical learning. Although it is aimed at high school teachers, I found it really interesting. Another reason why the idea of scheduled learning is a little bit of an illusion. It also served as a reminder not to underestimate the impact of sharing ‘sitting-on-the-bus’ advocacy.

Toddler and Post-toddler Activity Ideas

For a friend going through a rough time right now. And for me, ’cause I need it!

Ideas for EASY activity ideas for toddlers and post-toddlers (those children who aren’t quite toddlers but who aren’t big enough for preschooler activities).

  • Painting with water – Use an old paintbrush, and a cup or bucket full of water and paint the concrete – or anything else it shows up on.
  • Playing with rice/wheat/dried beans/whatever – if you do it outside, you can consider it feeding the birds.
  • A sink of water – Seriously it sounds messier than it is. Put a couple of old towels down, fill the sink, add dishwashing liquid and a cup or two and let them go for it. Move your dishes out of the way first, if you don’t want them ‘washed’.
  • Toy library. – not quite as easy but really good.
  • Treasure hunts – give them a basket and ask them to look for treasure. Say something green, something blue, something they can wear, etc. Even better ask them to find things that need to be put away.
  • Balloons
  • Sidewalk chalk – It really does wash out of clothes.
  • Boxes
  • Bubbles
  • Stories on tape/computer – get them online (Lit2Go, Storynory or Kids Audio Books are good) or from libraries.

Feel free to add your own ideas, please.

Inventing Glue

Starting out

After a brief adlibed story, off we went to make glue. I gave minimal input into quantities, just suggesting that it would be better to start with small amounts and build up.

The glue, ready for testing

Product testing

First, small scale testing

The final product testing phase – the glue passed!

Not bad for a mornings work 🙂

We followed it up in the car, talking about trial and error, and how sometimes you just had to try things until you got it right.

The Homeschool Handbook

I just read The Homeschool Handbook by Mary Griffith. I borrowed it from a local library. It was great! I really didn’t expect it to be much, but I found it incredibly reassuring and relaxing.  I have been having a serious case of the wobbles and this really helped to easy my mind. If you are thinking about home education, this book makes it all seem so… normal! One of my favourite bits was the Afterword, which included just what I needed to hear:

One of the best things about homeschooling is that none of your decisions is every irrevocable.

The only problem – there is so much US-specific stuff in there. I skipped a fair bit of that. For that reason, I’d borrow, not buy it.

Our Autumn Mural

Autumn Leaves

What do you think? It was a whole family effort. I got the idea from this blog. We had two problems, the first was that some of the leaves were too thick and they tore our paper. The second was that our watercolours were too thick, and we found it hard to water them down enough. Ah well, next year.

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