Daily Routines

I have recently become aware that my daily routine has become a bit muddled. Between illness and sleepless babies, it’s been lost a little bit. And surprise surprise, so have I – become lost and muddled, that is.

I know some people don’t like routines, but I don’t mean a strict schedule. I mean more like a rhythm. When a rhythm is really good, you don’t have to even really notice it’s there, it just holds everything together.  I have always needed routines with the children. The fact is, I need routine myself, and so I get why they do. C. is particularly prone to what Mary Sheedy Kurcink calls ‘overload tantrums’ when there are too many changes. Having a routine helps with this.

There are some great routine ideas at Flylady too, of course. That has been fantastic for me!

So today I go back to paying attention to my routines. Trying to find the ground again. First up, is going back to getting dressed and getting breakfast first thing in the morning instead of traipsing out to a coffee and then getting online 😉 The next important thing is starting the tea/bath/bed night time routine earlier. It takes a while for my boys to wind down.

I think this is something I will need to revisit regularly, to keep working on, but I will begin here: Morning and Night.


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  1. michelle
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 03:09:15

    yes, have been meaning to get our morning one sorted too. for the night time one we took photos one night and then had the pics up for a couple of months. after a while neither of us needed them any more; i found they were for me as much as they were for J, kept us both focused and on track. will def get on to this, feeling motivated now, thanks! i know J benefits from a predictable rhythm. funny, apparently i was like that as a youngster, but now, i’d rather go with the flow and find it easier to just do what needs doing. as long as there’s not set times attached to everything though, i do think a predictable rhythm will work for us.


    • belindaandboys
      Apr 07, 2010 @ 12:07:34

      I love the photos idea, I might have to get on that!

      My morning routine for C.has been in a book, but I think it’s not visible enough for him, and I don’t have one for A. although he’s probably ready for a really simple one.

      I’m starting with MY routine, then I’ll tackle THEIR routine, but probably the sooner, the better.


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