How the Dye Turned Out

This took a while to get back to, because I soaked them in dye overnight, then left them in the bag overnight, then rinsed them out and washed them, then soaked them in salt (it’s supposed to help set the dye), then I washed them and dried them. And here they are!

The first dye batch

The left is onion. It is a very rusty brown. The middle is turmeric, it was bright yellow until it touched the soapy water, then it went brown too. Maybe a chemist can explain that to me? Anyway the right was the beetroot, and as you can see, it really didn’t work.

So I mixed the last of the turmeric and onion dye together and redyed it. And the result?

The mixed dye

I’m really pleased with he way they turned out. I don’t know if they will keep the colour through a few washes yet! But they are wearable again!


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