Our Second Sci-Fri

We started our science curriculum on Friday. I was feeling bad about doing that – I mean he is very young – but C. really enjoyed it. He seems to enjoy the broadening horizons, and he was even more peaceful for the rest of the day!

C. has shown interest in tools and how things work,  so when I saw a lesson on tools and simple machines, we tried it.

The lesson is divided up into three parts, a prelab, a lab and a post lab. The prelab for this was a sheet of paper with tool pictures on it, and not really much good for me, so we just talked very briefly about what tools were and what tools we knew.

The lab was to use different tools and try to figure out how they worked. C. thought this was great. We used an apple peeler, a hand beater and two types of nutcrackers (a lever type and a screw type).  C. was facinated, and loved trying them out (even though he has used them all before) and trying to figure out how they worked, and what the parts were called.

A. really enjoyed making bubbles with the handbeater, eating the apples, and trying very hard to crack nuts!

C.  asked the next day to do it again. We then added a can opener to the collection, too. Now A. got to eat corn. The postlab was a book about animals that have ‘tools’ – like an elephant has a ‘hose’. We didn’t have that book, but I found a similar one. Then we put them all in a box so that anytime in the next week he wanted to look at it again, he would be able to. (Now I have to raid his box to open a can, LOL.)

We are going to do this again next week. The follow on lesson is to read a book about an inventor rabbit, then to try to make his own glue for paper mache! And lastly, play with ‘oobleck’ (cornflour mixture). Unfortunately, I can’t find the books to go with it. I will ‘make it up’ if I have to, but if anyone has a copy of either “Icky Stick Gloop” by Morgan Matthews or “Bartholomew and the Ooobleck” by Dr. Suess that we could borrow,  I’d really appreciate it!

After that fhe Sci-Fri, I found a maths game online. as I was about to put A. down for a sleep I showed it to C. while I did and he sat and played it for ages! I was amazed to sit and watch him do things I didn’t know he knew. I had been thinking he wasn’t interested in that kind of thing – now I know the stuff I was offering was just too easy.

After all that, C. seemed really energised – I think he felt like I do after I give my brain a good  workout. So we went outside and jumped on the trampoline together!

I am both excited by the wonderful energy C. had, and nervous about the change it is for us. He seems just a little bit more grown up, somehow.


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