A New Title

For C. From now, he will be LE for Little Engineer. I decided that today after he asked me:

  • How the legs moved in his doll
  • Where the yoyo turned
  • If he could replace the battery in his book
  • How the electricity got into the house
  • Where the speaker in my timer was
  • Why he couldn’t see the speaker in my timer – its internal
  • If he could get the pointy screwdriver (he meant a Philips rather than a flathead) and see take the timer apart to see where the speaker was

He also tried to build a pulley system in the backyard to move the tricycle and was most annoyed that A. wouldn’t sit on said tricycle. I can’t say I wasn’t relieved.

I concede, he is very much like his Daddy! šŸ˜‰

What about A? Well, I’m still thinking about A. He is going through the ‘two’ phase, so right now he would be “NO” or “mine”… but I think I can do better than that šŸ˜›


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