Musings on Mother’s Day: From the cafe where I have run to escape from my children

Ok slight exaggeration. I am running from that generalised anxiety that we are all prone to come to every so often, made worse by the demands and interruptions of motherhood. Actually I came into the shop to return something I’d brought last week, but I got so hungry because I forgot to eat anything before I left, that I have ended up here.

Anyway, mother’s day is always a day of musing for me. Not self-reflection and evaluation of how I’m going – there are other days for that – but more questions of how I can better look after myself as a mother. This is not a selfish question, the cliche about not being able to give when your cup is empty is a cliche because it is true. Mother’s day has come at a very fortuitous time for me this year. The demands of the past week, let alone the past month, been high. I haven’t been able to easily hear my own voice. It hasn’t been easy to hear what I need.

Thus this trip to the shop with no food. Where the murmur of voices around me does not require my attention I can hear my own voice and I realise need food, a drink, but even more I need to get some ideas prowling around in my head OUT! So I buy a pencil, a book and find this table in a busy cafe.

A while ago, I posted about the article reminding me to make room for what I need in my day-to-day life, not to wait until I have time away to nurture me. Because on weeks like this, it may not happen. Hmmmm, I think I could do better in that respect. Actually I think that is one of the most difficult things for me to do. Drinking my coffee outside fell by the wayside when my boys started to get up WAY before sunrise.

So in this unexpected quiet space I am brainstorming my options.

My food arrives and realise anew how hungry I am. And the ideas are flowing more now. It’s not all about roses and chocolate and long baths – although add that to the list – its about the day-to-day things I can do to make my own life easier.

  • Planning meals: last minute rush eating stuff that’s quick instead of fun isn’t me
  • Those long baths, to find time to hear the voice
  • I need to find some more time doing my craft. Maybe I should join a craft group, because I don’t do it when I don’t have a schedule. I toy with the image of my children playing by themselves or (more likely) charming some grandmothers into talking to them. (You can see the LE doing that, can’t you?) Maybe even doing some craft as they get older.
  • Shopping lists: goes with planning meals
  • Stuff that I need to do, like my haircut. I’ve been trying to work on this, and actually got my haircut recently. For the first time in months. 🙂
  • Filling the sink with hot water and doing the dishes as I go. Hmmm goes with the menu planning and not doing meals in a stressed rush
  • Drink more water – almost everyone needs to drink more water. Or having a nice glass of something while I cook.
  • Eating when I’m hungry, drinking when I’m thirsty.
  • Taking care of my health – looking at all those things we as women tend to ignore and put off.
  • Washing my hair when it needs it.
  • Taking time to read and write. Consider it modeling. I mean why would my boys want to learn it if they never see it being done?
  • Listening to my own ‘small still voice’. Saying no. Saying yes. Asking for help. Letting go.

I finish the last of my juice. Push my plate away. Breathe.

I’m off to buy my birthday present, that I’ve been meaning to for months. And some shoes, because my old ones have holes. Then I’m going home to give my boys a big cuddle. Happy Mother’s Day.


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