Gifts from the Wilderness 2: Skepticism

This post in short: this cartoon.

’cause that’s it. People will be willing to tell you all the answers – just do this and all will be fixed. And we would love to hear that! Parenting is scary. There are not many simple rights and wrongs, not parenting police. (Well there are, but those standards are pretty low and most of us are aiming higher than that.) It would be nice if someone could come along and give me all the answers. Three easy steps to the perfect family.

In the real world…

They can’t know more than me, because they don’t know my children. I have known my babies since before they were born. I have watched their body language, and communicative signs since they took their first breath. I am the expert in my babies.

They can’t be better than me, because we are all the same flawed human beings. Even the Buddha didn’t want to be venerated.

And as to making money off me, hey, I got stuff I’d rather buy.

The thing is, I am willing – absolutely willing – to take advice, to look at alternatives. But advise that comes prepackaged, with a side dish of guilt and a large dollop of “it’s your fault”, thanks, but no thanks.

I think I finally found a family motto

“Have the courage to use your own understanding!”  – Kant


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