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Why Do You Homeschool?

I was asked recently. And of course I have asked myself regularly too.

The reasons are complex. My thinking started one way, but it has kind of moved in another direction. I started out in avoidance style thinking. Have you seen that school? Seriously! In other schools I’ve looked at, LE would never stop looking at the walls! He is so aware of things happening around him, he would never be able to concentrate in that environment. Basically, it was lots of negative things about schools in general.

But then – things changed… I started doing it for positive reasons. I get to see those moments when they figure out something and I won’t be giving those moments to someone else. We have time for family and holidays whenever we want to, not just school holidays. (Well, almost.) I like that I won’t have to get up in the morning and rush them up and out the door. I won’t have to pack lunches, at least not everyday – that are acceptable socially to a bunch of children for whom nutrition is a foriegn language. I enjoy having my morning coffee while we figure out what to do for the day. My baby likes that he doesn’t need to be woken up from his nap to get my oldest from kindy.

LE and A are lucky to be able to explore topics that interest them in the order that they interest them, instead of having to wait for next lesson/week/year/whatever. They can progress at their own pace, even if their strengths are much more advanced than their weaknesses.

But the number one reason is because its working for us.

Right now, this is working. It might not work for everyone, it might not work forever, but my philosophy is very pragmatic. We take it as it comes, and will I enjoy it while it lasts.

LE in heaven!

Thank goodness for toy libraries!

Free e-book about planning – suitable for natural learners too!

I found this fantastic free e-book today. I think this will really fill the gap for me between my dream ideas and my daily diary. I know this probably seems really obvious to some people and they do it automatically, but I need to work at being organised!

I will let you know how it works out.

Another nest cam!

This time storks in Romania.

It is a really amazing to be able to watch these birds grow up!

Oil Painting

Aren’t these great? These are the results of our first attempt with oils. It was fun. The oil paint we used was nontoxic, unfortunately we still needed to use turpentine for the clean-up. I also realised I need to research some techniques for oils – they don’t paint quite like anything else we’ve used.  More experimenting necessary!

Afterwards, I’ve put all the required stuff into one box set for next time.

I suppose it’s a bit strange to give a toddler oils. It really fits into my wider philosophy of education. The quality of what children are given is important, for several reasons. The first is that if you want children to produce good products, you need to give them good materials. Too many children are turned off art because the quality of what they produce doesn’t meet the standards they would like, but it isn’t  the fault of the child if they are using watered-down children’s paints that don’t work properly. Another reason is that providing quality materials allows children to learn to care for them properly – if there is no need to care for materials, they won’t. Then the adult complains that they can’t look after anything. It also shows respect for the child. Cheap rubbish that breaks in five seconds says you are not important enough to buy quality for – especially if the adult uses the better things!

Having said that, we don’t use oils  everyday. Our ‘everyday’ paint that the children can use with minimal supervision is a watercolour tray. But I still make sure I buy one that works, and teach the children how to use it and how to care for it, including how to pack it away. They don’t yet do this alone, but they are getting better.

Building Numbers

Remember this?

After LE and A had finished building, we tried this! It was actually quite good fun, and we just played until LE was done. Gotta love the sun streaming in and the coffee too. Ahhhh!

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