Why Do You Homeschool?

I was asked recently. And of course I have asked myself regularly too.

The reasons are complex. My thinking started one way, but it has kind of moved in another direction. I started out in avoidance style thinking. Have you seen that school? Seriously! In other schools I’ve looked at, LE would never stop looking at the walls! He is so aware of things happening around him, he would never be able to concentrate in that environment. Basically, it was lots of negative things about schools in general.

But then – things changed… I started doing it for positive reasons. I get to see those moments when they figure out something and I won’t be giving those moments to someone else. We have time for family and holidays whenever we want to, not just school holidays. (Well, almost.) I like that I won’t have to get up in the morning and rush them up and out the door. I won’t have to pack lunches, at least not everyday – that are acceptable socially to a bunch of children for whom nutrition is a foriegn language. I enjoy having my morning coffee while we figure out what to do for the day. My baby likes that he doesn’t need to be woken up from his nap to get my oldest from kindy.

LE and A are lucky to be able to explore topics that interest them in the order that they interest them, instead of having to wait for next lesson/week/year/whatever. They can progress at their own pace, even if their strengths are much more advanced than their weaknesses.

But the number one reason is because its working for us.

Right now, this is working. It might not work for everyone, it might not work forever, but my philosophy is very pragmatic. We take it as it comes, and will I enjoy it while it lasts.


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