Video Classics on Education

A classic video that is always worth watching! Thinking about how society is changing and is likely to keep changing makes home education make even more sense!


How to Learn

Diana Laufenberg: How to Learn? From Mistakes

This is a great TEdx video, and it’s fascinating.

Imagine if we as a society truly understood the difference between training and education.

Imagine if we had an education system that challenged students.

Imagine if we had faith in the ability of children, if we had high expectations for children and then supported them to get there.

While in some ways, home education is the perfect place to provide an education like this, I miss the synergy that can sometimes happen when children are working together, bouncing ideas off each other, learning together. Sometimes this can happen in schools, but it isn’t happening as often as it should, so that isn’t the solution. The problem is that we are so often educating, as in parenting, in isolation. We are not always connected to each other or to the wider community.

I’m not sure I’ve got answers. Sometimes I think I’m not an answers person, just a questions one. But sometimes, questions are important.

Growing Mung Beans

Growing seeds is an age old activity and it’s heaps of fun. We grow seeds all the time – in the garden or as sprouts for eating, but I wanted to try this activity like this to get some seeds we could look at under a magnifying glass, to look at the different parts of the seedling. So we took some mung beans from my normal stash, some of the Montessori cups (bought in Ikea for use when A. was going through his ‘pouring’ phase) and some tissues. The boys water them with a small creamer jug I picked up at a second-hand shop.

This picture was taken a few days ago. They have roots now, and we are looking forward to seeing seed leaves develop. I’m trying to find some Montessori label cards (commonly called three-part cards) for these, but I haven’t been able to find them yet. If you see any, please let me know.