Making a Water Alarm Clock

The most fun you can have watching water drip!

Today we made a water alarm clock. We used a kit I bought on special a while ago, but I was not particularly impressed with the kit as it didn’t include many of the required things. Essentially, water drips from the top of the bottle to the bottom, until the water level in the bottom causes the foil lid to rise to the level of the  paperclips, connecting the circuit and sounding a buzzer. The project was fun and the finished clock will be fun to experiment with. We may try seeing what we can do before the timer goes off, experiment with some different components, and see if we can make the alarm go off sooner or later than it currently does.


Chemistry Follow-up

I have realised I haven’t written about how we follow-up on the science curriculum.

Last week we looked at chemistry, and LE seemed really taken with the periodic table.  (This link is now fixed.)   We printed it off, laminated it, and placed it where he sits at the table. We ended up having to do another one for A, it was so popular. Now mealtimes are often spent in a discussion where LE points to an element and we pronounce it, discuss what it is for and what the element is like in its pure state. (Don’t worry, it’s all on the periodic table!) We have also talked about chemical bonding and common compounds.  I have been really enjoying this because I am learning so much! I was not the chemist in our family 🙂 .

I also went to the library catalogue online and ordered some books for LE. We are still waiting for these to come in, but they include How to Make a Universe from 92 Ingredients and Sorting the Elements, as well as some books on famous chemists and the elements they discovered. I always borrow more books than we are likely to read because I’m not always able to predict exactly what will take the boys’ interest.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women who inspire me!

Our Garden

Sometimes its great that we still have to paint some of the walls in our house! Today we put up a mural we have been working on. Each of the flowers is the same height as the person who made it. We are going to add to our garden, too.  I already have found some flowers with the numbers counting by tens to 100 on them to add across the bottom, and I have plans for some minibeasts, or whatever we can dream up.

In case you are wondering, LE did two, that’s not the height of the baby or anything 😉

This idea came from one of my old teaching resources, Maths on Display.