Screen time: Online Games

I’m trying to be zen about computer use 🙂 Anyway, I keep my feelers out and I do hear of a lot of online games for children. Primus and Secondus are my chief testers. I pop them in their folder, and we see what sticks. Here are some of our favourites, roughly in the order we found them, so not best to worse.

Boohbah: Because it requires no reading or any mouse skills, it is a great beginners activity (it’s not really a game). Children move the mouse and ‘stuff’ happens. The learning content is the co-ordination, and the cause and effect.

Starfall: From the US but free. Only  small amount of control is needed to start with. It is designed to teach reading. It starts with initial sounds, and moves on from there. There are simple readers and worksheets that can be downloaded and printed too.

Kidspsych:  logic puzzles. It has two sections, one for under 5’s, one for over 5’s. I’m not sure I get the appeal, but Primus enjoyed it for quite a while.

Bembo’s Zoo: Maybe you could say it’s alphabet, but it’s just interesting to watch.

Poisson Rouge: It’s a great site with a wide range of activities. There is no reading – in fact very little language at all, and what is there is French, but don’t let that stop you, you don’t need it to enjoy the games and activities.

Think Math: Math games for K-5, US, some imperial measurements

Cool Math Games: A current favourite of LE, there are a wide range of fantastic games, everything from arithmetic to logic, puzzles, and problem solving. New games added regularly, and for younger children there is Cool Math Games for Little Kids

Fantastic Contraption: Logic and problem solving

Playschool: Classic

Sesame Street Playlists: has short videos interspersed with games covering basic skills, sorted by subject

Putumayo Kids: World music videos to watch

cbeebies: Lots of games, usually tv related

Writing this has shown me how many I have on my bookmarks list to give the boys to try, so now we have to test them. You know, for research purposes 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. unboundedocean
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 01:32:23

    K and I checked out some of these – thanks! He’s become obsessed with ‘Boombot’ on the Cool Maths Games site….like you, i’m trying to be zen and focussing on the logic, strategy and spatial relationships, rather than the TNT and Gel Bombs blasting up the bum of the Boombot! lol!


    • belindaandboys
      Jun 25, 2011 @ 23:09:07

      LOL! I don’t think LE has found that one, thankfully!

      I have seen LE in particular learn a lot from his computer use. I think it has helped his fine motor copntrol, as well as his analytic and reading skills.


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