Hide and Seek Mini-Unit

Start with a simple video:


Strew a book:

Camouflage by Bernard Stonehouse

Dig up an old teaching resource:

Part of a Pattern by The Curriculum Corporation

Wander around in the sun to collect natural materials to build a camouflaged insect: End up with an owl and a collage? Okay then.

The camouflage creations

Camouflage has been of interest for a while, and its great when something new pops up that starts the interest again. The next steps for us involve a library search. Picking up from the theme here we are going to expand into protective features of plants and animals.


Online Game for Reading

Okay, its pretty easy, but here is a fun game for younger children supposed to help with reading. And at least part of it is free, it saves their progress and it’s very bright and colourful. The older two have both been enjoying playing it in the last few days,  so I thought I’d let you know about it.

You can also log in as a parent and see your child’s progress (or buy an extension level or two, of course 🙂 )


Apparently, it helps them find their way when they are watching the Magic School Bus.

My boys love using stickers! Today they created a sticker map, and “funny pants”. Unfortuntely, most of the stickers fell off before I got the camera.

Generally the stickers clean off other things fairly easily, especially if you get the cheap stickers. I get them at junk shops and store them in a box all together, and they are free to use them whenever they like.

A time of contemplation

I starting this blog because I was bored. I’d never done a blog, and I had no idea how to do it. (That is an irresistable challenge to me!) When I started I had no clear vision in my head about what the content would be, just a general idea that I wanted to share what we had been doing and where I got my ideas. Mostly, it was the stuff I couldn’t fit in a status update! I have really enjoyed doing it, but I think it is time to reevaluate. I think I need to spruce it up a bit, develop some consistancy, maybe start using tags and get my categories sorted. Or maybe it’s time to find another challenge. I have been doing the same thing with my bookmarks and files at the moment. It does feel like a time of ‘clearing the deck’ ready for the next stage, ready for moving on. Whatever that may be towards. 🙂