Creating Microwave Puffy Paint

A few days ago I had a house full of sick children, so I wanted something fairly simple but fun for them to do. This microwave puffy paint was perfect! I found it on Pinterest (A great source of ideas and a huge waste of time all in one!). The original blog post is from Housing A Forest.

We made one batch of paint and split it into four bowls for four different colours

Essentially this is a runny dough that cooks and rises in the microwave. They were fun to make and the boys loved watching them puff up too.

We used cotton buds and syringes to apply the paint

It was trickier to apply than normal paint but even Secondus managed it.

Our results

Washing the dishes afterwards was just another sensory activity


Montessori Links

Better late than never! A friend asked about these a while ago…

A good general introduction to Montessori Home education as I use it is Micheal Olaf company’s websites. As I put this link in today I discovered they have added a lot of information and links I haven’t looked through yet. The catalogues contain a lot of interesting developmental information and are very useful.

This style of Montessori home education is fairly close to natural learning, and does not try to replicate the Montessori classroom in the home, a task that would be impossible even if you thought it was desirable. And I don’t!

TheĀ  environment

Online albums

Online/Email Groups

  • playschool6 – Catholic general Montessori homeschool discussion. Although I am not Catholic, I do not find the religious content overwhelming. It is usually clearly marked and can be skipped.
  • montessorimakers – Low volume list, files and archives on how to make montessori materials
  • montessoribyhand – Another discussion, lower volume, and archive of material

I hope there is enough there to keep you busy for a while. If you have any other favourites, please let me know!

Quick, Easy and Fun – Juggling Balls.

With illness in the house, we needed something that wasn’t too much work for anyone, but that would get the boys outside to enjoy the sunshine. Given that juggling was a sport enjoyed by Ancient Greek girls, we could even tie it in to our current interest area.

You’ve probably made these balloon and rice juggling balls before, but just in case, we used the instructions here. They were very easy. There were only a few steps that the boys needed adult assistance to complete. This project uses only a few easy-to-come-by materials, it’s a great inclusion into an Emergency Box.

Our juggling balls