Experimenting with paint


We gave always enjoyed painting, but I actually know very little about how to get a good wet on wet result. I am starting to research how to get this working for us.

The first thing we have done is to create these painting boards. These are made of simple MDF board. They are cut about 2cm bigger all round than the A4 paper we use, then sanded lightly. I small still debating whether I will varnish the back.

Today we tried them for the first time. They are very simple, but I really like them. They keep each child’s workspace marked, something we always try to do for many reasons. They also encourage the children to paint right to the edges of the paper whilst still maintaining a mess control. And the best thing is that you simply leave the papers on them to dry, and then wipe them clean when they are dry!

I am continuing to learn so much more about painting and art in general. I do really love the fact that I get to keep learning and experimenting like this!



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