A Traveling Education


One of the perks I hadn’t considered when we chose home education was that we would be much more free to travel. We wouldn’t be bound to expensive school holiday periods or fighting with all the other parents for holiday leave. We have the freedom to take up opportunities as they present themselves.

We recently returned from a trip. I admit it wasn’t the best holiday ever – it was plagued by bad luck and fire alarms – but it really got me thinking about the ups and downs of a traveling education.

I don’t think we will ever be a permanently traveling family. I am too addicted to my comfy bed to be without it too long. But I do love traveling. Travel with children IS hard work but it is intensely rewarding. A child’s presence changes the way you look at things. It forces you to travel more slowly, to seek out playgrounds and meet locals. You find yourself exploring not just the tourist listed sights, but the cute parks, the slightly unkempt fringes. It is a different way of traveling.

For children, traveling is an education in itself. Not to mention all the museums and other interesting involving places to visit. So much to take in!

I love, too, how travel binds you as a family. There are so many fewer stresses and so much more shared experiences. It can be a part of the shared ethos of your family, develop a shared family culture, the in-jokes, the memories and the laughter or tears of a holiday can stay with you for a long time.


I am not a expert on travel with children, but over time I have picked up a few tips I am happy to pass on.

1. Pack masking tape. Its a great baby-proofing material, and it can even be used to keep small people occupied.

2. You will need more clothes than you did before children. You will end up with food/mud/something on you. Children are mess magnets and somehow it ends up on you too.

3. Bring toys for children. They miss having self-directed play.

4. Bring about twice as much food as you think you could possibly need. Expect said food to last half as long as you think it should. Expect said food to run out when you have not much hope of finding more with ease. Something about travel seems to make children eat constantly.

5. Chocolate after the children go to sleep will be mandatory. Trust me on that.

Travel doesn’t have to be far or long to be interesting and involving. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. Just moving out of your comfort zone is enough. It really is worth it.



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