My Secret Fantasy

I have the occasional escapist fantasies – think nice hammock somewhere tropical. But as a home educating mother, my secret fantasy is… a complete boxed curriculum.

Isn’t that strange? I don’t even believe in curriculum! So what’s the appeal?


Sometimes home education seems so overwhelming. The children each have different needs to meet and I’m kept busy just keeping up. Then I am strewing but nothing sticks. Each book I read contradicts the one I read just before. I don’t have straightforward children. Its times like that I start to dream about boxed curriculum. It’s the sense of certainty that boxed curriculum exudes. The slick packaging. The blurb that says this will make sure your child turns out happy and healthy. Someone else taking responsibility.

Of course in the real world it doesn’t work out like that. As soon as those children arrive you are responsible – even if you drop them at a the nearest school. And believe me, I’ve looked but there is no prepackaged curriculum that would suit us. Unfortunately 😉

Despite that, I have found that the urge to start looking at prepackaged curriculum is really useful as a warning sign, telling me  its time to breathe, time to step away, time to stop and go for a walk. I know I need to go back to basics.

Home education isn’t always easy. I often feel like I’m working in the dark!


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