Cusinaire Rods


There is something about their retro colour scheme I quite like, but these just don’t get used as much as I would think they would be.

Cusinaire rods are visual representations of numbers 1-10. Each rod represents a different number represented by the length of the rod – one centimeter for each number.

Aside from helping cement the concepts of quantity, cuisinaire rods are great for operations, illustrating how addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division work is a very visual manner. In fact, there are mathematics curriculums based entirely on them, such as Miquon Maths.

As such they were on my list of home education materials list pretty early on, but really they haven’t caught on with my children. I am not exactly sure why, but I suspect that it’s for the same reason they are not a hit with me – they don’t have the divisions of the numbers marked on them. Now I am sure that is deliberate and has an appropriate pedagogical reason, but it doesn’t really suit the way my brain works.

Oh well, they make passable castles. And you never know, Tercio might be really into them yet.


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