Lockhart’s Lament

Lockhart’s lament should be required reading for anyone attempting to teach or guide the learning of mathematics. Lockhart is a mathematician who argues elegantly and clearly for an understanding of mathematics that is so much more than times tables and mental arithmetic. Mathematics is creative, vibrant. Don’t take all the fun out of it!



Numbers, numbers, numbers!


Secondus is practicing numbers over 10. I had my number turtle from my teaching days, but it would be easy to find your own version because it doesn’t matter exactly how many number tiles you have. Secondus and I played simply. We took turns to pull a tile out of a bag and put it in the right place on the turtle track. This was a good chance to model strategies for counting on, check his understanding, and most importantly 🙂 spend some one-on-one time with my growing little on.



Patterns are a big deal in the curriculum for younger children. It seems to fade in importance later, which is a shame because it’s underneath so much higher level mathematics. Noticing, playing with, and creating patterns is a stage a lot of children seem to go through. After all, noticing and responding to patterns is what our brains are supposed to do.

And so they do it. Without a worksheet in sight, I am watching Secondus develop and refine his ideas about patterns. There isn’t much for me to do in this process. I am glad I get to observe and record.

Changing Seasons


I love how this life forces you to notice the details. The little things that start to change even before we notice it. Take a breath… Walking on…