The perfect Easter Monday craft activity



Chocolate Playdough

In honour of Easter, this month I made chocolate play dough. It was very simple, we just replaced a few tablespoons of the flour with cocoa. (Even better, it was a cocoa that was awful and not much good for cooking!). There are plenty of play dough recipes around, and they are all fairly similar.

Play dough is a fantastic toy for younger children. It is great for sensory development, hand-eye co-ordination and hand/finger strength. It is so versatile and FUN!

If you have a low tolerance for mess, I would suggest the use of a plastic place mat underneath that can then be put in the wash. If it gets on soft furnishings, leaving it to dry, then vacuuming usually works for me.

It is totally irresistable. I dare you to make a batch and NOT stick your own hands into it!

Easter Dye Fun

Yesterday we dyed some Easter eggs. We followed the recipes we found online for dyes, and it was pretty straightforward. It was however a little smelly! The onion smelled like my high school photography room. What’s that about? Don’t follow their recipe too closely though – our onions boiled dry and how exactly are you supposed to sieve out tumeric?

Dyes, ready to go

Once the dyes were done, we put our hard boiled eggs in and left them for an hour or more. The orange and yellow worked fairly well, but the pink was barely visible.

The eggs

Then we had leftover dye, and the activity said it could be used for cloth, so in went some very dirty singlets. I am soaking them in salt water right now, so I’m yet to see how they will turn out. I’ll keep you posted.

Quick Easter Matching Game

Easter matching cards

These were a bit ‘spring-ish’, but just so cute. I printed the pictures from here, cut them, stuck them to card and laminated them, and now we have an Easter matching game. We can play card games with them as well.

After Easter, I’m going to gather all of this stuff into an Easter box (hmm must put that on the shopping list) and then next year, we will have a nice range of ‘new’ activities come Easter time. We can just keep adding to them each year, and pass on the things both boys have outgrown.