The KISS Principle


I love looking at pretty, exciting sensory tubs. But when it’s been ages since you made one because you haven’t got time, then KISS. I kinda think the fancy ones are for me anyway.

Probably ought to apply that elsewhere in my life. 😉


Pineapple Playdough!



Home Ed for Babies

I haven’t been blessed with babies who nap long enough 😉 and we have been getting dazzled lately as Tercio is getting quicker and quicker! I have decided to start something I used to do, but haven’t for a while – treasure baskets!

I first came across treasure baskets in the book “How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way” by Tim Seldin. But my treasure baskets didn’t really take off.

At Counting Coconuts, though, treasure baskets are a real inspiration. Make sure you look at her pinterest board too.

Now I am all inspired!



We love going on adventures! Adventures are our daily walk. Sometimes it’s a rambling walk, sometimes we have a specific quest in mind.

Walking in the same place is very rewarding. It provides a chance to notice the seasonal changes as they happen in our own little spot. It also encourages the children to start asking deeper questions about a place. Why do something grow in one spot but not another? What signs of birds or other animals are there and how does that change?

At the moment our own adventures are very similar to the description of Charlotte Mason’s nature study as described in Ambleside online, if you scroll past the prescribed list and read the description of how it should be implemented. Most of the time I just let the children discover what they will, but every so often I will send them off with a quest to look for something in particular – like The Quest for The Golden Leaf in Autumn.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a bag, for all those leaves and feathers they will collect!

The perfect Easter Monday craft activity




Every so often we loose momentum and things get a bit hairy. We seem to be coming out of that. Finally. One if the keys that my children really like is routine, routine, routine. Its very strange!

Anyway, as Secondus is growing, and life is changing, I realised we were missing the songs poems and finger rhymes I had loved when Primus was a baby. Plus we were having trouble transitioning from morning tea to inside activities. Our change? Putting in time for Circle!

Circle begins with a marching song. Secondus finds it irresistible and even Tercio complains if I don’t pick him up to join in. We march into the loungeroom and sit on the blanket. (Well sort of. I usually have at least one knee taken) Then we follow with songs rhymes and finger plays, plus a seasonal story.

I found a basket in the shed and I am using it to store our supplies. We have the story we are using, as well as some appropriately coloured playsilks for swirling and twirling. Eventually I hope to tell rather than read stories, and the content of the basket will change with the seasons.

Creating Microwave Puffy Paint

A few days ago I had a house full of sick children, so I wanted something fairly simple but fun for them to do. This microwave puffy paint was perfect! I found it on Pinterest (A great source of ideas and a huge waste of time all in one!). The original blog post is from Housing A Forest.

We made one batch of paint and split it into four bowls for four different colours

Essentially this is a runny dough that cooks and rises in the microwave. They were fun to make and the boys loved watching them puff up too.

We used cotton buds and syringes to apply the paint

It was trickier to apply than normal paint but even Secondus managed it.

Our results

Washing the dishes afterwards was just another sensory activity

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