Hide and Seek Mini-Unit

Start with a simple video:


Strew a book:

Camouflage by Bernard Stonehouse

Dig up an old teaching resource:

Part of a Pattern by The Curriculum Corporation

Wander around in the sun to collect natural materials to build a camouflaged insect: End up with an owl and a collage? Okay then.

The camouflage creations

Camouflage has been of interest for a while, and its great when something new pops up that starts the interest again. The next steps for us involve a library search. Picking up from the theme here we are going to expand into protective features of plants and animals.


I’ve been beaten by chickens!

Our six newest pets

They were working in collusion with my husband and children, especially C, who loves them! He has wanted chickens for a long time, offering to share his room, let them live in his pool and made them a house out of paper. It was the last one that broke down my resistance!

The children haven’t been the only ones interested, though…

Don't worry, it's cat proof