Changing Seasons


I love how this life forces you to notice the details. The little things that start to change even before we notice it. Take a breath… Walking on…


Our Autumn Mural

Autumn Leaves

What do you think? It was a whole family effort. I got the idea from this blog. We had two problems, the first was that some of the leaves were too thick and they tore our paper. The second was that our watercolours were too thick, and we found it hard to water them down enough. Ah well, next year.

The Frangipani Leaves are Falling

Crayon Leaf Rubbings

Playing in the Great Outdoors

When the weather cools down, I love going outside. I’m enjoying some resources for the outdoors with children.

Playing in the Great Outdoors is an interesting podcast. You have to scroll down to find it. I haven’t listened to all of it yet.

The website Growing Kids is very comprehensive, and I love the quick search feature at Nature Rocks (They are on Facebook too.)

8 Simple Tips is an online article that includes this gem:

    5. Sculpt. By providing your children with opportunities to move and create, you are sculpting their brains. Play fosters new neural connections and prunes existing ones. As kids sculpt snow and sand, they sculpt their futures.

Nature’s Playground is a great read. I just borrowed it from the library again. The only reason I haven’t bought this one is the chapter on Winter is all about snow, but I will definitely be posting some of activities from this book.

I’d love to hear some of your favourites, especially if anyone knows an Australian resource that has the Australian seasons. I’m tired of reading books describing summer as the ‘green’ season as my garden bakes brown.

Autumn Activities

I suppose it’s because I am tired of the long hot summer, but today I am starting on Autumn activities. And because C. loves games right now, we have started with this:

It’s a game like the old beetle one. I printed it off, and laminated it, and we had our first game. We only used one set, so it wasn’t competitive, but C. had a great time matching up the dot patterns and working out what should be put on the tree next.

Here is our set. I’m going to trim the leaves more neatly once I can find some sharper scissors!

The second photo above is while the game was being played.

I love the change in seasons 🙂