I found an unpublished post from a few months go I thought I’d share.

We have been looking at dinosaurs the past couple of weeks, sort of loosely following the prospective here. I thought I’d share some of our work.

A. making dinosaur skin using a variety of dried pulses.

Layer jelly, showing how material gets stratified in rock.

Dinosaurs are one of those topics that has plenty of activities around. You could spend months on it!


‘Natural’ Collage

It was about time that I tried a new collage set up, and here it is! Semi-natural? Maybe even autumn-y?

Tas well as the leaves, seed pods etc for materials, there is plastic containers and brushes for the PVA glue , as well as spoons for the smaller items, and pencils, just because!. The plastic compartment box is full of eatables – I wanted them somewhere a little safer to keep them.

L-R top to bottom; row 1:  Pasta, quick-cut oats, dyed egg shells (washed and crushed), wheat, poppy seeds, popping corn. Row 2: Spaghetti, broad beans, coconut, pasta,  cocoa powder, Row 3 more pasta White rice, yellow split peas, more pasta, polenta.

I wouldn’t do this one very often, but we really needed a change of pace lately 🙂 Although there is a big spread factor, you will notice it is all things that can be safely and fairly easily vacuumed off of a wooden floor.

I am thinking of some new  collage ideas for the future. Material, for example, would be great. So would all one colour (for example all green things).

We haven’t yet used this set up yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

Magazine Collage

A.'s Work

C.’s work

I love collage! We have a collage centre now, that I’m planning on rotating fairly regularly. At the moment there is:

  • Magazines – second-hand or ones I’ve finished with, catalogues, travel agent’s mags, whatever. I’m trialing an online subscription for some free new titles – I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Scissors – normal, small (children’s, but good metal ones), safety (for A.) and fancy. I had to look really hard to find kids scissors that were easy to open, because the finger strength needed to open some of the kids scissors was too much for C.
  • Glue – good old Clag, and a glue stick.
  • Small container of paper scraps – mostly for A. who isn’t able to cut yet.
  • Scrapbooks and card for sticking the bits in/on.

Our Collage Station

With the right attitude, this can be a very relaxing – almost meditative – activity. Some of our favourite accompaniments are Beethoven’s string quartets, scented candles and a cup of tea.