I’ve been thinking about this lately, because my LE has been spending more time using my computer. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. He is really enjoying it, obviously learning a lot and giving me some time to do things with A. And yet, I have not always been a fan of computers for children. It just seemed to me they should be doing things. I sort of felt it was better to delay them, kinda how I feel about TV,  BUT I am slowly changing my mind a bit. For one thing, exposure in this house is… um… fairly high. Secondly, I can see that it is very motivating to learn things that can only be learned by rote, like phonetics, and that the LE is learning a lot while he’s on the computer. So I have decided too embrace it, at least a little bit. I think my boys will be using a computer anyway, so they should be learning how to use it properly and independently.

I have also watched LE struggle with using a tool that is obviously not designed for children. He is learning bad habits because the mouse and the keyboard are too big for him. Not very Montessori at all! So, in the same way I make sure he uses writing implements that suit his level of development, or small scissors, I am planning to set up a computer he can use. We already have most of the parts we need, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Besides, I want my computer back!


It was very difficult to locate a decent child sized real, not toy, keyboard. DH, the real drive behind this 😉 , found one that also comes with a mouse. But it needs to be ordered internationally – and that means postage! I wondered if anyone else would like one too, to share postage? You can see a reasonable picture of them here, but we will probably order them from here. They will probably be about AU$20 plus postage – the cost of that will depend how many we order, but I won’t be scalping off the top 😉

Let me know ASAP if your interested, we will confirm postage before we order it.