Numbers, numbers, numbers!


Secondus is practicing numbers over 10. I had my number turtle from my teaching days, but it would be easy to find your own version because it doesn’t matter exactly how many number tiles you have. Secondus and I played simply. We took turns to pull a tile out of a bag and put it in the right place on the turtle track. This was a good chance to model strategies for counting on, check his understanding, and most importantly 🙂 spend some one-on-one time with my growing little on.


Quick and Easy Counting Activity

I got this idea from a blog I read a while back, that I now can’t find, sorry! I wrote the numbers 0-10 on paper plates and asked LE to put the the plates out in a row, then to put the right number of dinosaurs on each plate. You could use anything you like:  Lego, pasta shapes, sultanas etc

All in a row