Building with Questacon Science Squad

Have you seen the Questacon Science Squad site yet? A fabulous resource full of great experiments and fantastic buildings, the Questacon site is fabulous for visual and hands on learners like LE. Yesterday LE made a balloon car. We had made one months ago with him, but LE made this on his own after watching this video again. I was really impressed with his substitutions too!


Balloon Powered Car

Those great wheels were acquired at a local recycling shop – let me know if you want the details.

If you make anything from those videos, I’d love the hear about it. There are plenty of ideas there.


Making a Water Alarm Clock

The most fun you can have watching water drip!

Today we made a water alarm clock. We used a kit I bought on special a while ago, but I was not particularly impressed with the kit as it didn’t include many of the required things. Essentially, water drips from the top of the bottle to the bottom, until the water level in the bottom causes the foil lid to rise to the level of the  paperclips, connecting the circuit and sounding a buzzer. The project was fun and the finished clock will be fun to experiment with. We may try seeing what we can do before the timer goes off, experiment with some different components, and see if we can make the alarm go off sooner or later than it currently does.

Love those old books…

We borrowed a book from the library called Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries. In it was a picture of a model lighthouse. LE wanted to make one…

Yes, it works 🙂 It has whale marks in the water, of course, and rocks around the lighthouse. We are going to replace the red bulb holder with a smaller one when we buy a globe to go in it! And it will be painted once it’s dry.

And A? He was drawing, and poking holes in clay with pencils. 🙂

Just because I can show it off

I love this rocketship my little engineer designed, all by himself! He then told me all the parts too. From left to right they were  the thruster, the fuel cells (complete with place that the fuel goes in), and the capsule that the people sit in.

Little Engineer's Rocket

Now, nobody should make any comments about the things that this rocket ship is made of – is that clear? 😀