Quick, Easy and Fun – Juggling Balls.

With illness in the house, we needed something that wasn’t too much work for anyone, but that would get the boys outside to enjoy the sunshine. Given that juggling was a sport enjoyed by Ancient Greek girls, we could even tie it in to our current interest area.

You’ve probably made these balloon and rice juggling balls before, but just in case, we used the instructions here. They were very easy. There were only a few steps that the boys needed adult assistance to complete. This project uses only a few easy-to-come-by materials, it’s a great inclusion into an Emergency Box.

Our juggling balls



Apparently, it helps them find their way when they are watching the Magic School Bus.

My boys love using stickers! Today they created a sticker map, and “funny pants”. Unfortuntely, most of the stickers fell off before I got the camera.

Generally the stickers clean off other things fairly easily, especially if you get the cheap stickers. I get them at junk shops and store them in a box all together, and they are free to use them whenever they like.

Using the Emergency Box

The volcano - Photo by LE

I know I haven’t been posting much about what we’ve actually been doing. That’s because we haven’t been doing much. Last week, with DH and I both out of action, not much happened, and yes, the boys got bored. So I was glad we had the emergency box. The hardest thing was trying to remember to use it when you don’t feel like doing anything. 😕 We found this exploding and disolving volcano with a dinosaur inside, and some quick craft with pipe cleaners.

You never know what around the corner – I would really encourage you to think about your own emergency box. It’s been a real help for me!

My Emergency Box

I have started something new today – an emergency box. While I was out, I saw some bits on special and thought they would make fun things to do with the children . And so I’m creating an emergency box for those days when it all seems too hard. Then I can pull out something new and interesting without having to do anything. It has me inspired to go through the crafts and resources I have and see if there are any things to put in there. I’m also thinking of adding books (maybe some we already have that we haven’t looked at for a while) and anything else I can think of.

Here it is (so far). The foam stickers are for sorting activities as well as the obvious 🙂

The start of my emergency box

I’d love to hear your suggestions for emerrgency box items!