Kings, Queens, Knights, and Castles

The boys have suddenly developed an interest in kings, queens, knights and castles. It wasn’t sparked by the recent royal wedding but a combination of Mister Maker, and reacting to a book (The Knight at Dawn) we borrowed from the library.

By the way, these books are great. There is a whole series of them, and each book is set in a different time period. The language is not especially rich, but that makes it very good for beginning readers.

Anyway we needed something fun to do and we latched on to this. We aren’t tackling it in a particularly accurate way, but happily muddling fantasy in too.

So far we:

  • have made crowns, robes and swords (out of card).
  • Made a coat of arms.
  • made fantasy maps of our kingdoms.
  • are making a castle model.
  • introduced castle and knight vocabulary
  • played fantasy games in the backyard
  • building castles with our wooden blocks

I would love to introduce some architectural things, like building the Roman arch. I have some three-part cards for the parts of the arch but I need some blocks. I’m not willing to spend that much when it unlikely to be used in the long-term, though. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Some other things we may doo, as interest dictates include:

  • looking more closely at the meanings of various coat of arms
  • Investigate stories/fairy tales

The great thing about this, is that I know we can continue while the boys are interested, and then we will return to it again later. It will pop up again in our Little City Kids curriculum again, and in many other things too.