Our Garden

Sometimes its great that we still have to paint some of the walls in our house! Today we put up a mural we have been working on. Each of the flowers is the same height as the person who made it. We are going to add to our garden, too.  I already have found some flowers with the numbers counting by tens to 100 on them to add across the bottom, and I have plans for some minibeasts, or whatever we can dream up.

In case you are wondering, LE did two, that’s not the height of the baby or anything 😉

This idea came from one of my old teaching resources, Maths on Display.


Our Autumn Mural

Autumn Leaves

What do you think? It was a whole family effort. I got the idea from this blog. We had two problems, the first was that some of the leaves were too thick and they tore our paper. The second was that our watercolours were too thick, and we found it hard to water them down enough. Ah well, next year.

The Frangipani Leaves are Falling

Crayon Leaf Rubbings