Pineapple Playdough!




Chocolate Playdough

In honour of Easter, this month I made chocolate play dough. It was very simple, we just replaced a few tablespoons of the flour with cocoa. (Even better, it was a cocoa that was awful and not much good for cooking!). There are plenty of play dough recipes around, and they are all fairly similar.

Play dough is a fantastic toy for younger children. It is great for sensory development, hand-eye co-ordination and hand/finger strength. It is so versatile and FUN!

If you have a low tolerance for mess, I would suggest the use of a plastic place mat underneath that can then be put in the wash. If it gets on soft furnishings, leaving it to dry, then vacuuming usually works for me.

It is totally irresistable. I dare you to make a batch and NOT stick your own hands into it!