The Best Thing About Home Education


Just hanging out.

I remember when I was teaching I used to let everyone have silent reading outside on lovely days like this. Now we don’t have to go back inside. After reading together the boys wander off to play in the sand pit or trampoline, and I get to read MY choice!


Daily Routines

I have recently become aware that my daily routine has become a bit muddled. Between illness and sleepless babies, it’s been lost a little bit. And surprise surprise, so have I – become lost and muddled, that is.

I know some people don’t like routines, but I don’t mean a strict schedule. I mean more like a rhythm. When a rhythm is really good, you don’t have to even really notice it’s there, it just holds everything together.  I have always needed routines with the children. The fact is, I need routine myself, and so I get why they do. C. is particularly prone to what Mary Sheedy Kurcink calls ‘overload tantrums’ when there are too many changes. Having a routine helps with this.

There are some great routine ideas at Flylady too, of course. That has been fantastic for me!

So today I go back to paying attention to my routines. Trying to find the ground again. First up, is going back to getting dressed and getting breakfast first thing in the morning instead of traipsing out to a coffee and then getting online 😉 The next important thing is starting the tea/bath/bed night time routine earlier. It takes a while for my boys to wind down.

I think this is something I will need to revisit regularly, to keep working on, but I will begin here: Morning and Night.

Summer Smoothies

Enjoying summer

This is one summer ritual  I am not yet ready to give up!

In the early afternoon, we gather the supplies from the fridge. We love any combination of watermelon, berries, banana, yogurt, peaches, or pineapple, but whatever is on hand can be used. Then we blend it all! We don’t always add milk. Watermelon in particular is a good ingredient for making the final product a drinkable consistency.

It must be consumed OUTSIDE, and it has to have a straw. It is lovely to see C. starting to make his own blends. He’s much more creative – or brave – than I am!

I relly enjoy the colours of these drinks, they are so pretty.

As Autumn sets in, we will drink more warm drinks: tea, milo, or just warm milk; but for now, it’s warm enough to keep playing with the smoothies.