Mmm Cherries!


Is there a better way to incorporate seasonal celebrations than picking seasonal fruit? Yum!




The bees swarming, and watching the fly off. They all took off from the bottom up. Hearing the buzz. And having time to do it.

More and more I think that’s the best gift of home education. You get time. To notice.


Summer Smoothies

Enjoying summer

This is one summer ritual  I am not yet ready to give up!

In the early afternoon, we gather the supplies from the fridge. We love any combination of watermelon, berries, banana, yogurt, peaches, or pineapple, but whatever is on hand can be used. Then we blend it all! We don’t always add milk. Watermelon in particular is a good ingredient for making the final product a drinkable consistency.

It must be consumed OUTSIDE, and it has to have a straw. It is lovely to see C. starting to make his own blends. He’s much more creative – or brave – than I am!

I relly enjoy the colours of these drinks, they are so pretty.

As Autumn sets in, we will drink more warm drinks: tea, milo, or just warm milk; but for now, it’s warm enough to keep playing with the smoothies.


Peach Crumble

We discovered ripe peaches on our tree!  The birds had beat us to a few of them, so today we made Peach Crumble.

I love crumble, it’s so easy and fun. I have made it since childhood and of course adapted it over time. But it wasn’t until I read Ginger Carlson’s Child of Wonder that I thought about it as a creative exercise for children. We always have stewed fruit topped with a mix of flour, sugar and butter, plus some other bits like cinnamon or rolled oats. Now I have some new ideas! I decided to start fairly traditionally with this one because it was the first one C. had made.

First we stewed peaches (is it still stewing if you put it in the microwave?). Then C. chose the topping. He wanted to add coconut and rolled oats. The best bit is that it is pretty hard to wreck crumble, so it’s much easier to let him go!

I gave A. some flour I keep especially for distraction, and while we were finishing off A. decided to make his own recipe out of the peach juices left in the cooking bowl. Hmm, might not bake that 😀

Interesting creation