The Pulse of the Planet

Each weekday, the Pulse of the Planet radio series provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of Planet Earth, tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide, blending interviews with extraordinary natural sound.

We are using this short podcasts as a bit of a brain wake-up, a transition tool when children are waiting for me to set something up (or finish my cup of coffee). I like the sort of random nature of the topics, the way there is a wide variety of things to listen to. I like the idea that my children might discover a new interest.



Lockhart’s Lament

Lockhart’s lament should be required reading for anyone attempting to teach or guide the learning of mathematics. Lockhart is a mathematician who argues elegantly and clearly for an understanding of mathematics that is so much more than times tables and mental arithmetic. Mathematics is creative, vibrant. Don’t take all the fun out of it!


My Parx

I disapprove of the spelling, I approve of the concept!

My Parx finds parks nearby, and gives quality info of parks around the world.

My Parx gives you quality information on parks, from local municipal parks through to state and national parks.

My Parx has a selection of parks from around the world including showcase parks from Fisheries & Wildlife Service (USA), Parks Victoria (Australia), Africam Safari Park (Mexico), Parks SA (Australia), Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Christchurch Botanic Gardens (NZ). More parks are being added to the app daily. Don’t see a park near you? Email us with your favourite park or contact your park authority and ask them to join!

Easily access fascinating stories and amazing features for the parks that interest you most, in ways you’ve never seen before. Search for parks by keywords, or browse by key features such as birdwatching or fishing.

Every park has a story to tell, and the My Parx app opens up a whole new world of stories to park visitors. Historical and cultural features, significant flora and fauna, fascinating facts, and community facilities can all be highlighted through interactive maps and personal guided tours.

This looks like a great modern adventure aid, and it works for Australia, at least near me! I have already looked about, and I am looking forward to being able to follow some of the trails at our favourite parks. This app is also available in Apple format.